Get true Luxury with natural marble, not just the fake copied LOOK.

Why Natural Marble?

Well,  the best selling ceramic tiles, porcelain slabs, quartz, engineering stones are all copies of natural marble. Yet, they can only copy the color and veining features,  not the essence of the material quality....you are buying the LOOK only.

Natural material is not just the look, it is durable, comfortable, elegant, unique...

The essence of true beauty in natural marble can never be  COPIED!

Why affordable with us?

We import most natural marble directly from quarries all over the world and process them in Asia with strict QAQC system throughout all process, no middle man or unnecessary wastage.

Stone comes from mother nature as a free gift from GOD. The cost is in extracting, transportation, processing, wastage and handling. If these cost are cut down and controlled, the price can be made affordable. That is what we are doing as professionals in marble supply for decades, projects including Wynn Resort, Park Hyatt Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Hilton Hotel...high end projects by Extel Development, Lendlease, Leighton Asia, Walker Zanger...

Our latest project supply is 2700 marble tops of Turkish Elegant Marone to Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, USA, in year 2022.

How is the quality assured?

--- We only select the best quality marble for our vanity tops.

--- We map the slabs for the best acceptable quality before cutting to sizes

--- We dry lay, inspect, approve each vanity top in the factory before processing

--- We have a team to supervise all process throughout production

What shall I do if I like the natural marble top with true luxury?

1) You can get our marble top together with our free cabinet and simply add the luxury to your dream bathroom in one step!

2) Or, you can just buy the marble top form us and get the cabinet from others or have them tailor made to fit, and save!

3) Or, you can send us your requirement in sizes and design, we can make the marble top to fit your cabinets --- in any quantity,  sizes, and design.

Example of a small tailor made order:

Jessica in Sydney has an old boutique cabinet that she loves to keep but need a marble top to covert it into a vanity for her new bathroom. She sent us the photos and detail sizes of the cabinet, the faucet and sink she bought online, asking if we can help to make a natural marble top for her. Having it made locally cost her too much and hard to get it made just by one piece.

This is what we help her with (cost in hundreds only, not thousands):


Get the true Luxury with natural marble, not just the fake copied LOOK.


Our standard production and quality control process:

Mapping quality control on slabs

Cut to Sizes
Dry Lay Inspection before processing
Inspection after processing
Final individual piece by piece inspection and labeling before packing